We Have Rights Campaign

A national campaign consisting of animated videos to inform immigrants of their rights



Inform immigrants of their rights in the four top situations in which they are confronted by ICE. Help to prepare and protect them from these encounters by teaching them about their rights. Make this information as accessible as possible.




A series of 4 animated videos in 7 languages narrated by star talent and a sample emergency plan collected on the website Building a coalition of over 200 organizations nationwide to ensure the greatest number of immigrants would learn about their rights and be able to better protect themselves.


This unique and innovative immigrant empowerment campaign consists of a series of animated videos in multiple languages, helping immigrant and non-immigrant populations alike to know their rights in the most common situations in which they are confronted by Customs and Immigration Enforcement (ICE) officers: When ICE is outside our doors, Inside our homes, In our communities, in our streets, and If ICE arrests us. The campaign was a close collaboration between Brooklyn Defender Services, the American Civil Liberties Union, and over 200 grassroots organizations that have helped to reach over 10 million viewers to date.

Variant Strategies was responsible for conceiving the campaign, pitching it to partner organizations and fundraising to make it possible in collaboration with those organizations. VS also worked with affected communities to understand how and where they consume information and what kind of videos and characters would appeal to them. We oversaw video design, production and script-writing. VS also developed a strategic distribution campaign including press outreach, influencer outreach, working with star talent to involve them in distribution, and building a coalition of over 200 organizations to promote the videos and website.

The videos are now used in trainings by lawyers and other service providers, in service provider waiting rooms, and elsewhere. The campaign can be found at: Available in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Urdu, Arabic, Mandarin, Russian, and Haitian Creole.


Time MagazineViceAl Jazeera, the San Francisco ChronicleHuffington Post, AV Club, NowThis and local TV and radio networks. Also featured on the Human Rights Watch and Witness Blogs.