Abby directing a film to advance justice in Haiti.
Port Au Prince, 2014



“Abby knew that as a national organization of donors we were alarmed about women in Haiti after the then-recent earthquake; she brought an idea to develop a day focused on Haitian women’s inclusion in the post-disaster recovery, and did everything from finding our speakers and liaising with them, suggesting their talking points, bringing grassroots women leaders from Haiti to participate, and writing a comprehensive report. This led to over 70k in funds to support Haitian women.”

Donna Hall,
President and CEO, Women Donors Network

"Abby listened to the complicated and sensitive concerns our clients expressed about their interactions with immigration authorities and translated them into the concept and execution of the "We Have Rights" immigrant empowerment campaign. It was all about impact for her. She managed distribution strategy to ensure that the tool reached as wide an audience as possible. Over 10 million views later, she's still imagining other ways to get this information in front of the affected population"

Nyasa Hickey,
Immigration Attorney, Brooklyn Defender Services

“... Not only does Abby have a great sensitivity and sensibility, but it is boosted by a powerful empathetic approach to problem solving. She is one of the most resourceful critical thinkers I have worked with. I consider Abby, above all, a force of nature that will never stop until things get done.”

Alvaro Salas,
President and Founder of the Democracy Lab

"I've had the privilege of working with Abby on multiple projects over the years - from social media campaigns to serial video content. She's a creative and insightful partner, who consistently brings fresh ideas and passionate energy!"

Michael Kleiman,
Founder and President, MediaTank Productions

"Ever since I met Abby when she was fighting for the safety and dignity of women displaced from the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, she’s been working shoulder to shoulder with human rights defenders on the frontlines of critical causes. Abby combines creative thinking, a collaborative spirit and unwavering tenacity to help movements for social justice make real and sustainable progress. Abby brings the expertise, connections and positive energy that will make any team better."

Travis Rejman,
Executive Director, Goldin Institute