b. 1986, HK.


We are Variant Strategies

We help clients achieve business and social impact goals through innovative media, advocacy, branding, design and marketing, and our deep knowledge of the actors at the front lines of social justice.

We enhance social impact.

The services we offer:


Video Production and Distribution

EXAMPLE: Guarderia ABC, We Have Rights

Variant brings extensive experience in video production and distribution. We have produced and directed dozens of high quality videos that are aimed to achieve programmatic goals of organizations in addition to fundraising and marketting. We specialize in distribution strategy to achieve our clients goals. This can mean reaching the broadest possible audience or just a few decision makers. We build coalitions, work with influencers and press, and use a range of other strategies to help our clients achieve their impact goals and to maximize the use of video for their work, be that a campaign for an advocacy outcome or a product or service.



EXAMPLE: Haitian Women and Girls: Creating Safe Spaces, Confronting National Recovery & Building a New Future of Equality

Variant can help companies and organizations put together convenings to enhance dialogue and action around a range of themes and issues. We work with our clients on program and our speakers on their presentations. For example, Variant helped a donor network develop a day-long convening on the issues facing women after the 2010 earthquake in Haiti so that they could figure out the best way to use their talents and financial resources to support a response that served Haitian women. Variant specializes in ensuring that the right people are in the room to inform the conversation and to take action on what is discussed. We also have extensive experience putting together “learning labs” and more creative and collaborative kinds of convenings, as well as traditional panels and screenings.


Communications Strategy

EXAMPLE: Reality Labs Implementation Plan

Variant has produced numerous communications strategies for clients including Global Justice Center, New Media Advocacy Project, the Goldin Institute, UN Women, and others and brings extensive experience working with a range of partners to tell their story in the most effective way given their capacity and resources. We work with our clients to understand their communications goals and their capacity and resources and then develop a comprehensive plan for all platforms that communicates the work of an organization or a product most effectively.


Campaign/Marketing Strategy, Production and Execution

EXAMPLE: We Have Rights

Variant has extensive expertise designing, producing and distributing high impact videos and campaigns. We work directly with clients and the target population to ensure the media produced can be optimized for the communications channels most used by clients and/or the target population of the campaign/marketing effort. We hold focus groups, write scripts, then produce high quality media. From the outset of the campaign, we work with our target audience to understand what messages most compel them and how they receive information. We consider distribution strategy from the start of every campaign to ensure that it will have the greatest impact with the target audience. This can entail building coalitions of distribution partners, working with press, producing events, and direct outreach.


Social product design


Variant helps companies and organizations build products that have a positive social impact. This can range from working with companies to add features to existing products, like a cell phone, to optimize it for a specific population’s needs to developing a photo exhibition and catalogue that is sold for a fee. We are excited to help companies develop new products or new features to existing products to serve people’s needs on the ground.


Social Impact Strategy Design and Evaluation

EXAMPLE: Gather Grassroots Campaign, Intercambio

Variant will work with your brand to develop a social impact strategy that is good for business and the world. We always include the target “beneficiary” population in our social impact strategy design and evaluation. We can work with early stage companies in integrating a social aspect of the business from the very start, or with more established companies to tell their stories of impact or refine their plans and/or evaluation of impact.