South Africa's Struggle


South Africa's Struggle For
Quality Infrastructure

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To help implement a new law passed by the supreme court in South Africa guaranteeing basic “norms and standards” in all South African public schools.


Develop a video and distribution strategy to push for citizens to hold the government of South Africa to adhere to its promises to implement the legal decision and ensure basic norms and standards in all South African public schools.


After successful litigation by the Equal Education Legal Centre at the Supreme Court of South Africa, Equal Education, it’s partner organization, needed a way to monitor and ensure the implementation of a decision guaranteeing basic “norms and standards” in public schools across South Africa. At the time of production, many schools in South Africa’s poorest provinces lacked basic structures and capacity to provide a good education to its students, ranging from no toilets, to broken windows and unsafe structures, to lack of materials for children to learn. We worked with Equal Education advocates and lawyers to understand the landscape of schools in South Africa and what would be needed to implement the legal decision. We then worked with Equal Education, as well as grassroots communities they work with, to conduct over 35 interviews with students, government officials, advocates, lawyers, and others during a 12 day production covering over 2000 miles in poor provinces and townships in South Africa. Equal Education used this video across South Africa to raise awareness about the right to basic norms and standards in all South African public schools and the need to hold the government accountable to the promises set by the legal decision.

Created with the New Media Advocacy Project.