A documentary series about the United States, Cuba and the birth of a new era,

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After nearly 60 years of isolation from one another, the U.S. and Cuba are re-engaging politically and diplomatically. This is an exciting, yet critical time for shaping our new relationship.

But true engagement is about the connections between people, not just governments.

Intercambio will offer Cubans and Americans an intimate look into the lives of people — on both sides of the Florida straits— revealing important truths and illuminating the many commonalities and real differences between our countries and our cultures.


The series will be created by a team of award-winning filmmakers from Cuba and the United States and distributed in both countries in order to facilitate bi-national dialogue and cultural exchange, and greater understanding between our citizens.

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Intercambio also offers corporate partners the opportunity to increase their brand equity and corporate responsibility reach by supporting the themes of cultural exchange, connection, dialogue, and understanding inherent to Intercambio’s message and philosophy.
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From debates about equal pay and family leave to the first female presidential nominee of a major party, gender equality has been at the forefront of American cultural dialogue. In Cuba, women served unique roles in the revolution and making ends meet during the economic crisis of the 1990s. How do women see their role in each country? What similarities do they share and what unique challenges do they face?

Music has always been a medium ofcultural exchange. This episode will focus on the several century musical dialogue between Cuban and American musicians, with a particular focus on hip-hop. In each country, the music will serve as a window into daily life, helping us understand what it is to be Cuban and American through the lyrics of some each nation’s most celebrated artists.

It’s no coincidence that on the first Presidential visit to Cuba in over eighty years, President Obama and President Castro attended a baseball game together. This episode will explore what this graceful sport has meant to both countries through the eyes of fans and players in both countries.