Global Justice for Burma


Global Justice For Burma



Burma in 2008 was living under a brutal military junta that, just that year, had intentionally kept aid from communities in need after a major cyclone and later, shot at peacefully protesting monks, killing dozens in plain view of the world. The dictatorship had never been held accountable for the crimes committed under its rule, After four decades of migration to flee the brutal dictatorship, a disparate community of organizations and people working to affect change in Burma were in need of a common message to push for accountability and new leadership.



A global campaign working with a diverse range of groups under the common message of seeking accountability for dictatorship crimes in Burma.


A coalition campaign on the first day of the Olympics in China and the 20-year anniversary of 8888, the largest student massacre in Burma that led to elections for the first time in 35 years. On this symbolic date, just after a blatant attack on Monks by the military Junta in Burma, a coalition of legal and media organizations, the Organization of Monks in Burma (a several hundred thousand person network in countries across the world), and others joined forces to call for criminal accountability for the leader of Burma’s military Junta, Than Shwe.

Variant Strategies Founder, Abby Goldberg, conceived of the campaign and successfully pitched the Global Justice Center to take it on as a major project. VS solicited support and partnership from a diverse range of influential organizations, producing simultaneous events in four countries across the globe with large Burmese populations, press outreach, video production, and campaign branding.

Variant Strategies led and coordinated events in New Delhi, London, San Francisco and New York with Burmese Monks and other activists seeking accountability for crimes in Burma at the UN, the International Criminal Court and in civil society globally. The ultimate result: Than Shwe stepped down from power in 2011, in part to avoid criminal prosecution.


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