Addressing Forced Disappearances in the Migrant Community


Addressing Forced Disappearances in The Migrant Community



To promote a more coordinated regional justice body that could respond to the transnational issue of forced disappearances in Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Mexico.


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Development of a film that could be used in advocacy with government offices, consulates, and other decision making bodies by our clients to promote a transnational body able to coordinate the return of bodies and better address the issue of forced disappearance.


At the time of production, a crisis of mass killings of migrants was plaguing Mexico and the northern triangle of Central America. This video tells the story of a community in Honduras that successfully advocated for the return of their family members killed in Mexico, despite the help of government agencies. It was used to push for a transnational body that could help identify bodies and return them to their families as well as to coordinate the transnational issue of forced disappearances during migration among the countries in the region. Such a body would force accountability in each country concerned to ensure justice for victims families of these crimes.

Created with the New Media Advocacy Project. Available in English and Spanish.