REALITY Labs Implementation Plan


 Reality Labs Implementation Plan


After several years of paying for over 2000 influencers in various fields to go to Israel on a highly curated experience, ultimately to support the state of Israel and to help rectify public perception about the country in the U.S. and abroad, the Schusterman Foundation wanted to find a way to mobilize this powerful community to impact social change and give back to the community, while consolidating the network of alumni.


This strategy paper contained recommendations and a plan for execution based on over 25 interviews with members of the community and Foundation staff. It was used to help build future efforts for engagement with the REALITY trip community, and enhance activities to promote social impact. Variant Strategies conceived of the project in light of the challenge the Foundation was facing to enhance the social impact of the powerful community of alumni they created through the REALITY trips. We developed a structure and workflow with the Foundation to ensure the strategy met the Foundation’s goals, and conducted over 25 interviews with Foundation staff and members of the REALITY trip community.