Gather Grassroots
Leaders Campaigns



Helping grassroots leaders find funding for innovative, community led projects to impact change in their respective communities. These leaders had limited networks that could provide funding and little access to funds for their work.


Developing a partnership with Indiegogo to raise awareness and crowdsource funding for their projects, while embedding with them to develop their projects, their pitches, their media, and ultimately their campaign pages. Working to support the promotion of their campaign pages to an audience capable of providing financial support. Working with Indiegogo to highlight these campaigns and producing a launch event to build support for their projects.

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The development of the Collections and Information Page on Indiegogo represents the culmination of four months of work by the inaugural class of Gather Fellows of the Goldin Institute to develop unique, community designed projects. Gather Fellows are a cadre of grassroots leaders from around the globe working to advance community driven change on the issues their communities care about most: climate change, gender based violence, economic empowerment, and others.

For this effort, Variant Strategies pitched Indiegogo on partnering with the Gather Fellows, including providing technical support and developing a campaigns page where all of the projects could be viewed and promoted together.  VS also worked closely with Fellows to refine their projects and develop their campaign pages, including their pitches, perks, email and social media outreach language, campaign videos, and distribution.